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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2016
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Dart Master Ah Bong is a bar manager with a special way of promoting sales. He points out that customers go to his bar nowadays to throw darts with a very different mindset. Dart players have become very skillful and wish to stay alert to be well-trained to attain a higher level. | World ranked at eighty-eight, Royden is Hong Kong's only professional dart player who practices eight to ten hours a day. He recently started practicing at new emerging "dojo" locations – with no alcohols around. He believes that many youngsters fall in love with darting because of the introduction of electronic darts. | Having won more than ten teenager groups’ open dart events, Masa is a sixth form student whose dream is to be a professional dart player. | Royden teaches students in the Tuen Mun “dojo” and guides students in skills, posture, and also educates them about dart products. | Ah Bong, Masa, Royden all share their views and insights on the dart culture and development ... 飛鏢高手阿邦是某間酒吧的經理,有特別的銷售方法,增加營業額。他指出,現在顧客來酒吧擲飛鏢,心態較以前不同。現在飛鏢手的實力慢慢增強,他們希望保持清醒狀態來練習,提升自己的實力。Royden是香港唯一職業飛鏢手,每日練習八至十個小時,世界排名八十八。他練習的地方是近年新興的「道場」,全場沒有酒精。他指出,電子飛鏢引入,令到很多年輕人都愛上了這項運動。Masa是中六學生,勝出超過十個青少年的公開賽。他的夢想是成為職業飛鏢手。Royden在屯門區的「道場」授徒,指導學生技術、姿勢,也教導他們鏢品。阿邦、Masa、Royden暢談飛鏢文化、看法與發展……
APA: MAK, Long Him麥朗謙. (2016). 飛出個不同飛出個不同. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage: https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-011202
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MAK, Long Him