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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2007
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A mother is exhausted by housework, and she cannot stop weeping. When her little daughter sees this after school, she decides to cheer her mother up. She sings and dances. She even acts a heroine, protecting her mother at the expense of her life. Can her "tricks" help her mother? 媽媽為家庭瑣事而鬱鬱寡歡,女兒放學回來,看見媽媽哭泣;稚子雖無知,唯心有靈犀,要令媽媽破涕為笑。她不但載歌載舞,還絞盡腦汁,化身超人,為保護媽媽,犧牲自己也在所不惜。女兒的行動最終能幫助媽媽嗎?
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