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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2001
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A man tries to verify a tagline, which suggests that toys have lives. He first tickles a toy mouse, then locks up a toy penguin and shoots around it. But none of these toys have any reactions. He wants to give up and throws his knife down, but the knife hits something and bounces back. Now, the knife is flying towards him ... 男子坐在沙發上觀看電視,電視機忽然傳來一句令男子感到驚訝的說話:「家裡的玩具是有生命的」,男子立即四處查看玩具。他先用羽毛試驗老鼠布偶,但毫無反應。男子再找企鵝布偶一試;他鎖起它的四肢,向它周圍開鎗,又徒勞無功。他屢試屢敗,不禁開始氣餒,便把小刀隨意擲下。誰知小刀卻因撞到東西而反彈,飛向男子,千鈞一髮之際……
APA: NG, Wing LamNG, Wing Lam. (2001). Toy Story SyndromeToy Story Syndrome. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage: https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-010182
MLA: NG, Wing LamNG, Wing Lam. "Toy Story SyndromeToy Story Syndrome". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2001. Web. 29 May. 2024. <https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-010182>.

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