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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2005
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When a man is chasing a floating blue light, he falls from the cliff. When a fish is chasing an aquatic plant, it is hooked and turned into money. When a moth is chasing for light, it is hurt and killed by the fire. The plant in the man's heart is dying, how can he change the wilting plant into blossom? 男子在追逐飄於空中的藍光,跌下懸崖。魚兒追逐水草而被釣起,再化成金錢。飛蛾追逐火光而被燈火弄傷,死於燈下。飛鳥空中翱翔,卻被老鷹追趕;老鷹停留在樹上休息,最終卻變成籠中鳥。男子再追逐飄於空中的藍光,但心內的植物卻枯萎;若要令心內的植物變成百花盛放,唯有……
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