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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2010
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Steve and Felix are chair designers. Steve's design is traditional but with high technical accuracy; Felix's design is innovative and it emphasizes user needs. Steve's chairs sell well, but later he finds that his buyers have other intentions. Felix gets only one customer who turns out to be ... 史蒂夫及菲力士是一對好朋友,他們都是椅子設計師。史的設計雖然傳統,但量度精準;菲的則創新而切合用家需要。兩人為此較勁,看誰設計的椅子最受用家歡迎。史的椅子因為實用再加上隨後的減價戰而大量賣出;而菲的因太創新,只有遲到先生垂青。但史後來發現來買椅子的人另有目的;相反,原來遲到先生是……
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