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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2011
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A turtle feels very excited about finding many gold coins, and he tries to keep them for himself. By that time, a shiny and colorful turtle shell appears. After comparing it with his own grey and dull shell, the turtle puts on this new one. Then, he hears some strange noise ... 小龜在山洞內發現很多金幣,感到心花怒放,想據為己有。一個光彩斑斕的龜殼從天而降,小龜又起貪念,脫下自己破舊的龜殼,費盡心機仍然穿不上彩殼。牠無計可施之際,一時不慎,與彩殼一同跌倒,彩殼剛巧套在牠的身上!小龜正在得意忘形的時候,突然聽到怪聲頻頻響起,十分惶恐,立刻縮進殼內。原來……
APA: ZHANG, Bin DanielleZHANG, Bin Danielle. (2011). TrappedTrapped. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage: https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-010452
MLA: ZHANG, Bin DanielleZHANG, Bin Danielle. "TrappedTrapped". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2011. Web. 30 May. 2024. <https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-010452>.

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