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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2011
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This is a TV commercial promoting Chupa Chups candies. The video has 3 parts: (1) A boy dreams of candies. After he wakes up, he is full of energy and studies quickly. (2) A boy is taking a nap, and he sees a traffic sign turning into a huge candy. He feels hungry. (3) A boy turns balls into candies. He sees a watermelon which comes out to be ... 這是一個珍寶珠糖果的廣告,共分三小段。(一)男童在讀書的時候睡著了,忽然夢見珍寶珠,醒來充滿能量,很有衝勁地學習。(二)男童小睡剛醒,看見窗外的路牌變成巨大的珍寶珠,垂涎三尺。(三)男童在沙灘裡用小棒子插進不同顏色的球體中,把它們變成不同味道的珍寶珠。他看見西瓜,把棒子插進去,才發現……
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