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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2012
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Hong Kong People, Your Silence is the Greatest Accomplice of Injustice.

A fictional election campaign video for Chief Executive candidate Kowloon Chan. Since Article 23, we have taken to the streets, making our voices heard in order to force the government to back down on their policies. Silence is the greatest accomplice of injustice. Only a united voice is loud enough to change our society.
此短片介紹為模擬特首「陳九龍」選舉而創作的宣傳概念。社會上,充斥著不公義的事,從2003年23條立法起, 人們都是自己上街表達聲音,才能令政治讓步,可見忍氣吞聲只會帶來更多不公平的事件。要改變政府的惡法,就要團結起來,發出更多更大的聲音,改變這個社會。
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