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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2016
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Jovi and Jeremy are two post-80s "Hong Kong drifters" (mainland Chinese who came to study or work in Hong Kong) from Jiangsu. Jovi knows that the ability to master Cantonese will help her better communicate, both for study, work or daily life. Jeremy, however, does not pay much attention to learning Cantonese. He states that because many people in Hong Kong can understand Putonghua, as long as he speaks slowly, most people could understand him. A survey has found that Hong Kong drifters who make efforts to learn Cantonese have a higher chance of finding the right job and make friends. | As head of a department at a Chinese bank, Anna has come across many mainland Chinese job candidates in recent years. For better efficiency, she desires that her staff have Cantonese speaking ability so that they can handle both internal as well as external communication. Will Jovi and Jeremy’s ability to speak Cantonese affect their future careers? Jovi與Jeremy來自江蘇,都是八十後「港漂」(泛指中國內地到香港留學和工作人士)。Jovi明白學好廣東話,不論讀書、工作或日常生活中都有利於溝通。Jeremy卻一直沒有學廣東話,認為香港不少人都聽得懂普通話,只要說慢一點,其實大多數人都能夠理解。有調查發現,「港漂」認為,努力學好廣東話,有效解決尋找合適工作和結交香港朋友的問題。Anna是中資銀行部門主管,察覺到近年多了內地人來面試。她希望員工都懂得說廣東話,員工不論對內對外都容易溝通,提升效率。懂不懂說廣東話,究竟有沒有影響Jovi和Jeremy未來的路呢?
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