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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2016
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Coming from a grassroots family, Ng Chau Yuet is a trombone student at the Music Children Foundation. Chau Yuet’s mother feels relieved to witness her daughter’s changes after learning music. | Rachel Chan is from a middle class family and shares her unique views on music learning. | In 2013, Pong Chau Ngan and her sister founded the Music Children Foundation in Shamshuipo. Pong shares her vision on how they aim to allow children from grassroots families to learn music. | Music director Jacky sees a lot growth and changes that happened to the students over the past three years. | Chan Yick Sin won the first prize of advanced level for flute at the School Music Festival. Three years ago when her father died, Yick Sin was unable to express grief for her father. Her mother believes that music allows her daughter to express her emotion and emerge from the dark. | Violin teacher Leung Chi Ho believes that children at the Centre know that their chances do not come easily and therefore the motivation is high – they treasure the opportunities to pursue something from nothing. But will poverty destroy their chances of development in other areas as well? 吳秋月來自基層家庭,是音樂兒童基金會學生,可以免費學長號。她的母親暢談秋月學習音樂後的改變。Rachel Chan來自中產家庭,對學音樂有獨特的見解。2013年,龐秋雁姊妹一起創辦音樂兒童基金會,植根深水埗,免費讓基層兒童學習音樂。龐秋雁細談成立的目的。音樂總監Jacky三年來見證著小朋友的成長和改變。校際音樂節比賽中,陳亦仙在長笛高級組奪魁。三年前,她的父親離世,亦仙不懂得如何表達感受。她的母親認為,亦仙透過音樂抒發情緒,走出陰影。小提琴老師梁智豪指出,這裡的小孩子明白機會得來不易,學習動機較高。由無到有,這令他們更加明白擁有的珍貴,但貧窮會不會扼殺了他們在其他方面的發展呢?
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