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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2018
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Should They Know?

Phillips and Connie adopted Abby and Caleb into their family. Slowly they teach the children the concept of adoption, celebrated anniversaries of their arrival in the family every year, and never averted from their questions about their family history. Abby hoped to find her biological parents and was disappointed by the failure. Understandingly, Phillips and Connie consoled Abby, and Abby gradually learned to accept the reality. | Prof. Vicky Tam, a scholar specialized in child and adolescent psychology, believes that knowing one's ancestry is extremely important in terms of one's personal growth and identity, and it is easier for teenagers to comprehend the abstract concept of identity. She believes that knowing one's birth history is important as it will help with the process of growing up and acknowledging ones self-identity. This is especially important during the teenage years when they try to understand the abstract concept of self. Prof. Tam points out that what is most important is for the adoptive parents to be mentally prepared for the ways to inform the adopted child. | Lui Suet-fan is a 52-year-old woman who grew up in a babysitter's home. After her foster mother passed away, she spent two years looking for her biological mother with the help and encouragement from her own daughter. However, when she finally succeeded, the attitude of her biological mother was not what she expected... | In Hong Kong, the adoptive family can choose whether to let the child know they were adopted. In an "open adoption", the adopted children knew they were adopted. The biological parents can get in touch with the children and adoptive parents. Frequency of communication between the children and the biological parents can be decided by all parties. "Closed adoption" is the other way around. | Chin Sin Kwan, the director of Po Leung Kuk Adoption Service Group, believes that adopted children have the right to know their birth family and open adoption is a better way. It would also be more effective to use public education to promote open adoption...
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