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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2018
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Constant Bazaar Or Inconstant Bazaar?

Tang Cheuk Ling (鄧卓寧) and Chu Mei Fuk (朱美福) arrived at a jade workshop to prepare for products to be sold at the bazaar next week. They work with each other, complement each other's strength and weaknesses, and share similar ideas. Tang set up a stall in the bazaar because the rent is cheap. He enjoys sharing experiences about jade with his neighbours and other stall owners, and this has enriched his retired life. | The officer of the “Grass Root Bazaar” Ng Ching Yan (伍靜茵) feels that bazaars can help low-income families increase their income, and also build up the residents' sense of belonging towards the community. At the end of 2016, the Legislative Council set up a subcommittee to deal with issues relating to bazaars. The subcommittee formulated guidelines on how to apply for resources at bazaars. Ng thinks that the effects of the guideline are limited and has not simplified the application procedure for bazaars. | Near to Lunar New Year, a group applied for setting up a bazaar in Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan. Ivy Cheung (張婉貞) took the chance to set up her stall there. All the products are created by her, each with their unique features… Scholar Dr. Leung Chi Yuen (梁志遠) criticizes the government's policy as the result of a piecemeal approach. Bazaars are under the management of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department but the government has a negative mindset. The focus is on banning… Bazaars help bring Ivy considerable income, and also help her overcome the difficulties in life. | With the help from social workers, she founded a cooperative with several like-minded friends. From that moment, she started selling products in a bazaar. After the Lunar New Year, she received an invitation from a student organization. She can set up a stall and hold a fabric workshop at the same time. | Leung states that the government can follow the practice in other Asian regions. Developing policies for night markets based on the idea of bazaars (that is, to boost the community economy) can fulfill the needs of the city… Various groups have been advocating this for years. Is it feasible to set up permanent bazaars in Hong Kong?
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