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Yeung Jun Mo (Mole) is the third generation heir to Yuen Long Sun Hing Farm. He talks about the reasons for recultivation, the mode of farm management and the direction for development... Legislative Councillor Ho Chun Yin points out that the Chinese government’s promotion of the "three express trains" policy transporting a large amount of fresh food to Hong Kong via three express trains every day has been a shock to Hong Kong's agriculture, resulting in some agricultural land to become deserted. Since the British Government era in Hong Kong, invalidated land policy has turned these deserted agricultural land into brown field sites. Hong Kong's agriculture lacks planning and he proposes solutions. Yip Tsz Lam, senior director of Kadoorie Farm, points out that during the millennium, traditional vegetable cultivation started to transform into organic production. The agricultural development of East Asia cooperates with other industries, and Hong Kong is also moving along this path. Ho Chun Yin also points out that universities in Taiwan, mainland China, and Japan all study new agricultural varieties, peripheral industries and agricultural product sales. Due to Hong Kong's insufficient number of agricultural expertise, there is a need to recruit from abroad, resulting in a significant increase in production costs. Scholar Wong Woon Chung points out that Hong Kong has introduced a new agricultural policy with the goal of sustainable agricultural development. Developing agriculture requires professionals. Universities offer courses related to agriculture, in which new technologies can be developed, and students have a wide range of options. According to Frankie Leung, productive agriculture or farming as a living is very difficult to develop in today's environment in Hong Kong because farmers face many problems. Leisure agriculture has become a new trend. These people try to raise the interest of urban people in farmland to develop agriculture. After Simon So retired, he works with his colleagues and shared all the joys and sorrows that come with it. Yeung Jun Mo still holds hope for Hong Kong's agriculture ... 楊俊武(Mole)是元朗新興農場的第三代傳人。他講述復耕的原因、農場經營的模式與發展的方向……。立法會議員何俊賢指出,中國政府推動「三趟快車」政策,每天通過三趟快車把大量鮮活食品運往香港,因而引致香港農業遭受衝擊,部份農地荒廢。自港英政府以來,土地政策無效,令這些荒廢的農地逐漸變成棕地。香港農業缺乏規劃,他提出解決的建議。嘉道理農場高級主任葉子林指出,千禧年時,傳統蔬菜耕種開始轉型為有機生產。東亞地區農業發展與其他行業合作,香港也朝著這條路發展。何俊賢又指出,台灣、內地和日本都有大學研究農業新品種、周邊產業和農產品推銷等。香港農業人才供應不足,可能需要從外地輸入,導致生產成本大增。學者黃煥忠指出,香港推出新農業政策,目標是農業可持續發展。發展農業需要有專業人士。大學提供農業相關的課程,其中發展農業新技術,學生出路廣闊。Frankle Leung認為,生產型農業或務農為生,在香港現今的環境下發展相當困難,因為農民要面對多種難題。休閒農業成為新趨勢,他們嘗試提高城市人對農田的興趣來發展農業。Simon So退休後,跟隨同事耕種,訴說當中的苦與樂。楊俊武對香港農業仍抱有希望……
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