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Hong Kong is a robust city but most people lead a humdrum life and the only way to spice up their lives is to spend countless hours on Facebook or watch mediocre soap opera. Boredom Buster is an antidote to boredom that will bring back the excitement and laughter in life! With this mobile application, you can set your own goals to compete with yourself or your friends. Besides, you can spur on your friends who are lagging behind their goals. You can also create groups of interest and complete your objectives in respective groups. Waste no more time on Facebook and TV shows. Life is good, live it up!

(The text is provided by the student)
活在繁華的城市,人們反而覺得自己的生活刻板無聊,從而將時間浪費在facebook和電視劇上。手機程式「Boredom Buster」讓用家挑戰自己或朋友訂下的生活目標,也可以與有共同興趣的朋友一起建立和實行目標,重新建構生活。對於只講不做的朋友,你更可以透過此程式賞他一掌,或者好心地對他說聲「加油」。


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