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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2016
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“Do you regret getting into University?”

This is a question many countries and regions have researched on. Kelvin is an introvert who just graduated last year in Australia with a major in Economics. Upon his return to Hong Kong, he had been applying for jobs that ended in either rejection or no response. Unable to apply what he learned, he ended up working as a part time waiter at a local cafe. | Jaimie is a friendly and helpful girl and a nursing student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She currently works as a part time sales assistant at a telephone shop. Jaimie became disappointed at the nursing profession after she realized there is a big gap between her dream and her expectations. She values fulfillment and a sense of satisfaction more than monetary returns.| Head hunter Cheung Wai Man who has years of experience believes that young people in this generation do not think much about what they want to do in life. Students often choose to go to universities due to pressure from society or their parents. She cautions young people that they should not blindly follow a path just to pursue university qualifications. They need to think of the price to pay for a piece of certificate.
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