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Academy of Visual Arts視覺藝術院  |  Master碩士  |  2013
Multi-medium多媒體  |  165 x 75 x 165 cm165 x 75 x 165 厘米  |  Installation裝置藝術  |  Artwork藝術作品

Through the poetic dissolution of ink in clear water, this project delves into and rethinks the historical evolution of Chinese ink art. The silent wait goes on, filtered by time and the immutable cycles of life. It slowly settles, stills and renews itself, with a fading intensity that charts the journey to nought. This is a process teeming with subtle possibilities and destined to confound all expectations.

(The text is provided by the student)
在清澈無色的水的引力下,墨,柔柔的,慢慢的飄散開,構成一幕幕美麗詩意的情景。墨看似被沖散至無序,卻又像是與水在慢慢交融,再消失。在靜待著被時間與循環系統過濾中的 - 沉澱、靜化與更新。從濃至淡,由有到無。過程往往在有限的想像內,出現無盡意料之外的微妙變化。


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