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Young people who hide themselves from society are called "Hikikomori" (or hidden youths). This name came from Japan in 1998. In 2004, this phenomenon began to appear in Hong Kong as well. Research in 2006 found that hidden youths in Hong Kong almost reached 20,000. In 2014, follow-up research discovered that the number has doubled but corresponding counseling services did not increase accordingly. | Prof Wong Cheong-wing said hidden youths are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and this is a serious problem. They often end up suffering alone. | Dr. Paul Wong, a clinical psychologist, estimates that 2% of young people in Hong Kong are hidden youths. He also explains the ways of categorization. | Ah So, a social worker, feels that the society puts too much emphasis on academic excellence. As a result, hidden youths feel that they don't belong to the society. | Man, Ting and Hoi are once hidden youths. They talk about the reasons why they used to hide from society. | Prof Paul Wong Wai Ching points out that there are different reasons why young men and women choose to be "hidden". Being bullied is one of the most common reasons. | Prof Wong further points out that young people often hide at home to escape from bullying... Hoi and Ting share their motivations to get back to society. | The Chinese Evangelical Zion Church Social Service Division is one of the NGOs that provides services for hidden youths. Fanny Leung explains their services, including their Animal Assisted Intervention for HK's "Hikikomori" programme, which could help these young people break free from their cocoons… 年輕人自我封閉與社會隔絕,稱為「隱蔽青年」。這種稱謂始於1998年的日本。2004 年,這種情況香港也出現。2006年,調查發現,隱蔽青年幾乎有二萬名。2014年,跟進調查,人數倍增,輔導服務卻沒有增加。黃昌榮教授指出,隱蔽青年害怕走出他們的安全繭,這是一個非常嚴重的問題,最終他們將獨自受苦。臨床心理學家黃蔚澄博士估計,百分之二的年輕人為「隱蔽青年」,他說明這個歸類準則。社工Ah So覺得,社會重視學習成績優秀的人才,隱蔽青年因而感到沒有社會地位。Man、Ting和Hoi都是過來人,講述自己變成隱蔽青年的原因。黃蔚澄博士指出,女生和男生隱蔽,各有不同的成因。欺凌是較具影響力的因素之一。黃昌榮教授又指出,他們隱蔽在家,可以避免遭受他人欺凌……。Hoi、Ting說出他們重投社會的原因。中華錫安傳道會是提供該類支援的非政府組織,Fanny Leung講解服務內容,其中使用動物輔助治療,讓這些年輕人可以破繭而出……
APA: SORIANO, Jianne Morny SarmientoSoriano; Jianne Morny Sarmiento. (2018). Behind the curtain : Hong Kong's hidden youthBehind the curtain : Hong Kong's hidden youth. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage: https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-011286
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