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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2017
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Selling Delicious Food Through A New Way

During Lunar New Year, customers are fond of both local and foreign food in the night market in Mongkok. Some of the stalls used gas stove cooking which violated the regulation. However, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department did not take enforcement action against them. “Concerning CSSA & Low Income Alliance” applied successfully to run bazaars in Sham Shui Po with the aim to help support low-income families. | Chan Sze Ling (陳思伶) is running a booth at the Easter Market again, selling cold food and summer drinks. Sales are above her expectation. | The Sham Shui Po District Council approved of the suggestion from the group—during Easter, people can set up stalls selling cooked food and dry goods. It is the first time the bazaar can legally use stove cooking. The Hong Kong government allows some of the stalls to use this method to reheat food… | The organizer of Easter Market, Lee Tai Shing (李大成), criticizes that each government department has different policies and he thinks that all parties should have a discussion on this issue. | The government launched a “Food Truck Scheme”. One operator, Liu Chun Ho (廖振豪), explains the daily operating procedures. Every bidder must go through two rounds of evaluation and the winners can run the food truck. | Losing the bid, Wan Siu Kei (溫少基) criticized the evaluation criteria. | The food truck pilot scheme has been running for less than six months, but the sales volume drew people's attention. The operator, Cheung Sai Mui (張細妹) told us the operating situation. | The government tried to launch a new plan to improve the bad situation. Some of the food trucks' business did not go well. Fish balls and other street food came to the rescue and is able to boost business. | Wan questioned the market positioning of the food trucks. Lee discusses the policies of bazaars and food trucks...
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