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In the Tongliang District of Chongqing, Zhou Bangwen is a Christian who likes farming. Her children are not against her belief in God. She has practiced Christianity for more than two decades, and recalls the reasons for her commitment. Long Lunqiong is responsible for the management of Liangshui House Church, and after an accident she often feels unwell. She believes that she can only recover if she trusts God. During the Wenchuan earthquake, they all gave donations. Zhao Jichun is also a Christian. Zhou Bangwen discusses Zhao Jichun's past. Zhao Jichun already believed in God before her husband’s death. Her husband felt that she spends more time to go to church and had less time to do farm work, so he often abused her. Long Yunquan is a pastor of the Shiyu Church. He pointed out that Bible study enabled the church managers to learn the Bible. Through training, everyone here can understand what the Bible says. ... He also pointed out that Christianity was transmitted to China by Western missionaries, but the Chinese churches are unique. The Chinese government's religious principles are "three autonomies": self-autonomy, self-support, and self-preaching. They built churches, kitchens and yards independently, all without assistance from the government. He explained the reason why Christian women wear headscarves. Both Christian men and women believe that worshipping God will bring good health ... 重慶市銅梁區,基督徒Zhow Bangwen喜歡幹農活。她的孩子們並不反對她信奉上帝。她信仰基督超過二十年,憶述入教的緣由。Long Lunqiong是涼水家庭教會管理人,曾經摔倒生病。她認為自己信奉上帝,才可以康復。汶川地震,她們都有捐款。Zhao Jichun也是基督徒。Zhow Bangwen提及Zhao Jichun的往事。Zhao Jichun在丈夫生前已信奉上帝。她的丈夫覺得她花時間去教堂而沒空幹農活,因而時常虐待她。Long Yunquan是石魚教會的牧師。他指出,《聖經》研習班讓每一座聖所的管理者學習《聖經》。通過培訓,這裡的每個人都可以理解《聖經》所說的話。……他又指出,基督教由西方傳教士傳到中國,但中國教會是獨特的。中國政府的宗教原則是「三自」:自治、自養、自傳。他們建立了教堂、廚房和院子,從未向政府求助。他解釋女教徒要繫上頭巾的原因。男女基督徒都認為,信奉上帝就會帶來健康……
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