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Academy of Visual Arts視覺藝術院  |  Master碩士  |  2014
Ropes, Water, Wood水, 木, 繩   |  Site Specific Work場域特定藝術  |  Artwork藝術作品

About Title:
"OMG" stands originally for "Oh my God", yet today is usually transliterated as "Oh my Gosh" as not to offend Christians and other religious people. OMG can stand for a variety of exclamations: surprise, excitement, fear...

For Hong Konger: Time is gold, an over time working hour, inflation, housing, political issues. Streets, shopping mall, bus and train are constantly full of people. Race to restaurants for fast food to have their one-hour lunch break... And it happening everday, hustle and bustle of lifestyle, therefore Hong Konger are willing to travel to another country for they're vacation have some relaxations or an escape from the reality. This project inspired by the living behaviour "The clicking on and off in between virtual and reality: an observation inside the transportation people lose themselves in the smart phone as they feel the bliss and release of being in control.

This observation got me thinking: would it possible to design a journey or an art object making viewers in Hong Kong say "OMG" instead of "NG G JO MUG" or "LENG"? Or could "OMG" be a magic word that used in stage prestidigitator in my experience design project?

About Statement:
In scientific:“Reality”is composed by time and space mostly called Four-dimensional space, this concept base from Albert Einstein that he mentioned in his General Theory of Relativity also Special Relativity. According to his theories: Human will not aware time past or anything related to the Four-dimensional space, unless they references the changing from materials.

Until now scientist still find the connection to another dimensions, in some cases people rather believed the connection do exist in our earth but in a superstitious way, as the Bermuda Triangle. Personally believed the connections are already there: in our hand-- our smart phones: the clicking ON/OFF in between virtual and reality, people who escape from hustle and bustle life… Just observation inside the public transportation people lose themselves the virtual world as they feels the bliss and release of being in control, a situation they desirous of…a virtual protective ward take away from the time and the human universe until they logout: Oh My Gosh! Where am I? Time stealthily ran away…

(The text is provided by the student)
「OMG」是 Oh my God (我的天) 的縮寫,為了不冒犯基督徒或其他宗教人士,迄今被翻譯為「Oh my Gosh」。OMG 可以代表著各種感嘆:驚喜、興奮、恐懼...


這種觀察使我在想:有沒有可能去設計一個旅程或一件藝術作品使香港人說「OMG」而不是「NG G JO MUG」(不知道做什麽) 「LENG」(美) ?亦或「OMG」能成爲魔法詞語,在我的體驗設計項目下讓變戲法的人使用?


直到現在,科學家仍尋找與其他空間的關連,在有些個案,人們寧願相信這種關連仍在地球上存在,但以一種迷信的方式,就像百慕達三角。個人相信這種關連已經存在:在我們手中——我們的智能電話:按下虛擬和現實之間的開關,人們逃離忙碌的生活... 在公共交通工具裏觀察到人們在虛擬世界中迷失自我,因爲他們感到了幸福和被解放,而這種情況是他們渴望已久的... 一個虛擬的病房帶走了時間和世界,直到他們退出:我的天!我在哪兒?時間悄悄地溜走...

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